- Dec 30, 2014
These New Year's decor finds are perfect for those throwing an end of year party this holiday season. With New Year's eve just a day away, you'll be inspired by the last-minute decor ideas that are featured on this list.

Standouts include star-shaped garlands that add a festive element to any space and alphabetical balloons that are available in gold and silver styles. If you're a fan of topographic decor, spell out 'Happy New Year' or '2015' at your house party and create an instant focal point that will be photo-worthy for guests.

Fans of unique glassware can try one of the list's DIY projects that include paint-dipped champagne flutes and glitter-accented pinatas that will be a hit for the whole family. These New Year's decor finds will make any celebration more personalized and festive and are sure to impress guests at your end of year bash.

From Glittering Garlands to Alphabetical Balloon Accessories: