Gaby Wormann's Bio Bugs are Strangely Beautiful

Germany-based Gaby Wormann fuses mechanics with tarantulas in her bio bug art project. She attempts to imagine a world where the organic and the mechanic are brought together as one. She calls her creatures "MeCre," short for mechanical creatures, and describes them as "fictitious bio-mechanical exo-prostheses."

With a passion for taxidermy insects, this artist enjoys adding mechanical pieces from Swiss watches, clocks and other metallic adornments onto dead beetles, spiders, dragonflies, and more. The resulting creatures are futuristic-looking hybrids and resemble aspects of steampunk culture.

The creatures blur the lines between organic and mechanical. This art project breaks down the dividing line between living creature and machine. The artist believes that both worlds co-exist in the creative process, and that these creatures are "grotesque dwellers in [her] own Utopia of modern times." She was inspired by surrealist artists.