Kunle Adeyemi is Building Floating School in a Water-Logged Slum

 - Feb 23, 2013
References: unclutteredwhitespaces
An innovative architect Kunle Adeyemi is currently nearing the end of his floating school project in the African slum called Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria.

The infrastructure in the water-logged slum was intended to be demolished by authority figures. However, Kunle Adeyemi had a countering view. He wanted to keep building and expanding the slum's infrastructure. The architect calls his project a "seed to cultivate a new type of urbanism on water in African cities." The project dwells on a larger scale problem which is of the imbalance between African cities rapid urbanization and highly inert housing movement.

Once in use, the three story high floating school will be able to accommodate 100 students aged between four and twelve years old.