Presidential Monsters Turns Famous Leaders into Ghastly Ghouls

 - Feb 12, 2013
References: amazon & geekalerts
Created in the likeness of the most popular Presidents of the past and present, Presidential Monsters turns the famous leaders into ghastly ghouls ranging from strange to scary. There's Bill Clinton as a werewolf, Honest Abe as Frankenstein, Obama as a vampire, JFK as a phantom and even Ronald Reagan as a mummy.

Presidential parodies always go over well because they poke fun at leaders who are consistently left open for jokes or gags. Presidential Monsters take the joking to a whole other level by saying that the leaders themselves are monsters.

However, it's probably best to leave the toys be and enjoy them for what they are: loveable parodies of past leaders as famous monsters from film. After all, who can look at Bill Clinton playing the saxophone in the moonlight while turning into a werewolf without laughing?