Bloodmilk Jewelry is Featured in the 'Blood Moon' Editorial

Bloodmilk Jewelry is soon to release the 'Sea Witch' line which features goth-chic pieces, inspired by voodoo, magic and the supernatural. The Philly-based designer hand makes all of her pieces, taking great pride in the "protectional qualities" of the jewels. She considers jewelry to be psychic armor, protecting the wearer from the dangers of the world. The motif of her work is dark and haunting, yet still quite charming. The tag line of her website reads, "Supernatural jewels for surrealist darlings." The macabre appeal is largely up and coming in the high fashion world.

The Blood Moon editorial was photographed by April Lea for The 'Sea Witch' series will be released in a few weeks, just in time to add a little Gothic glamor to your spring wardrobe.