- Nov 30, 2013
The theme of a fashion spread is often essential to capturing the attention of a reader, and these nightmare-inducing editorials are utilizing frightening tactics and creepy images as a way to make an impression on consumers.

While bright and cheerful fashion shoots are definitely efficient ways to portray light and airy clothing designs, these nightmarish fashion editorials are striving to create a bold and frightening overall image as a way to engage consumers. While most readers may be taken aback by the use of creepy images, dark references and simply uncomfortable scenes, there's no denying that these nightmare-inducing editorials will definitely stick in a reader's mind whether they like it or not.

From drenched demonic editorials to fashionably dead shoots, these nightmare-inducing editorials will definitely shock readers with their bold and unabashed themes.

From Creepy Doll Fashion Editorials to Couture Clown Couples: