Cristina Otero Takes Artistic Self-Portraits Posing with a Snake

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: senju-hime.deviantart &
In her latest series of creative self-portraits, Cristina Otero finds herself posing with a snake and all manner of live creatures. She transforms herself in each image, using makeup to alter the texture and coloring of her skin, blending in with the insects and animals that pose next to her face.

While slightly creepy and unnerving, this portrait series, entitled 'Instinct,' sees critters roaming freely along Otero's visage, acting on their own animal instincts in a beautiful way. Although unpredictable, the live animals and bugs work perfectly in the composition of the images.

Through her talented makeup transformations, Cristina Otero takes posing with a snake and other slithering creatures and turns it into an artistic form of self-portraits and self-expression.