ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolution by Ana Rajcevic is Ghostly Elegant

 - May 29, 2012
References: anarajcevic & trendland
'ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolution' by Ana Rajcevic is ghostly elegant. Ana Rajcevic is a recent graduate from the London College of Fashion, and this most recent project won the MA Design Award for 2012. This project shows the similarities between art and fashion accessories, with the variety of facial pieces showcased placed around the model's cheekbones and chin.

Ana experiments by reconstructing facial features that resemble prehistoric animals while creating new, futuristic forms. The hairstylist and makeup artist Sarah Frasca keeps the model Anna Tatton's hair tightly pulled back. These ornaments act as strong and powerful extensions to the human body, and are created from fiberglass, silicone rubber and resin.