The Halina Mrozek Designs for Doze Magazine are Divine

The clothing designs by Halina Mrozek for Doze Magazine are ethereal and beautiful. This series, captured by Daniel Arguello, features models Halina Mrozek, Karolina Kupczak and AnnaPodrez.

The setting of this series takes place in a historic monastery, and the models' clothes camouflage into the limestone monastery walls. The models are captured laying in the grass, in the church and even appearing to perform a form of witchcraft.

The models have been smothered in Halina Mrozek's tan wool clothing pieces that are embroidered with flower-like designs. Other wool materials have been fastened into fitted sweaters, blazers and tunics that the models are captured wearing. This story by Daniel Arguello is hauntingly beautiful, and its eerie church setting makes this editorial unique and daring.