From Ethereal Gypsy-Inspired Photography to Ethereal Ethnic Fashions

 - Jul 31, 2013
With fairytale themes and fantasy characters becoming increasingly popular in movies and television shows, there's no surprise as to why these ethereal fashion styles are seemingly popping up from several designers and fashion retailers.

There's something very alluring about the concept of an ethereal being, whether it be because of the spiritual aspect or the fact that they seem not of this world, there's no denying that these whimsical beings feature the most beautiful exterior appearances. These ethereal fashion styles are incorporating such whimsical design concepts as ghostly white ensembles, stunning floral headpieces, sculptural dresses and airy overall looks.

From ethereal architectural editorials to romantic pastel photoshoots, these mystical fashion styles will definitely add an out of this world touch to any wardrobe.