Luca Gadjus is Strikingly Still in the Bold 'Let Me In' Editorial

Model Luca Gadjus is eerily doll-like in the latest editorial for Intermission Magazine, titled 'Let Me In.' The photo series depicts Gadjus posing against a faded beige backdrop, her 60s-era ensembles popping against this neutral tone with their vibrant color palettes. Each outfit in 'Let Me In' features bright oranges, blues and yellows which contrast the series' neutral backdrop, making Gadjus burst from the screen like an ethereal doll.

The majority of Gadjus's poses center around a plain wooden stool. She sits with an eerily upright posture while staring blankly into the camera, giving her an inhuman doll-like quality. Photographer Anthony Maule does a wonderful job of side-lighting Gadjus so that her strong facial features burst from the screen.

By combining an understated modelling technique, a vibrant color palette and ingenious photography skills, Intermission Magazine has put forth another editorial that is sure to catch every eye it meets.