The 'Pagan Poetry' Editorial for Dossier Online is Majestic

 - May 27, 2013
References: dossierjournal
Loose-fitting floral prints and elaborate headdresses are coming back in a big way, demonstrated clearly by the 'Pagan Poetry' editorial for Dossier Online Journal.

The editorial features model Kely Ferr in a variety of softly colored outfits. Her ensembles tend to feature a mashup of prints that both clash with and complement each other. Her long, flowing headscarves are central to the shoot and are reminiscent of romantic gypsy dresses.

Photographer Joshua Allen does a wonderful job of bringing Ferr to attention in each shot while still finding a way for her to blend in with her surroundings. Her clothing patterns often complement her backdrops and the soft light pervading each shot causes the various planes of vision to mix with one another.

This Dossier Online editorial is a beautiful demonstration harmonious photography subjects and backgrounds. 'Pagan Poetry' also hints at a resurgence of headscarves and soft stripe patterns in the near future.