- Aug 1, 2013
The fashion industry is continuously drawing inspiration from all aspects of life, but these surreal fashion examples are showcasing that designers are now looking above and beyond to references that are more futuristic and out of this world.

The concept of surrealism, which includes visual artwork that focuses on such aspects as fantasy and abstract concepts, is being incorporated into several haute couture fashion designs as a way to create a visually striking and impressive overall look. Infusing inventive designs such as oversized futuristic ensembles, fitted regal dresses and outlandishly cartoonish inspirations, these surreal fashion examples are giving audiences a taste of where the fashion industry seems to be heading.

Perfect for anyone who isn't shy about wearing ensembles that are bold, flamboyant and simply all-around unique, these surreal fashion examples will definitely add a whimsical touch to any wardrobe.

From Gothic Doll-Like Captures to Futuristic Fairytale Editorials: