The Roxana Enache 'OBSESSIONS' Series is Elegantly Camouflaged

 - Jun 5, 2012
References: roxanaenache & fashionserved
Photographers and fashionistas wondering just how much can be done with a single shade should check out this Roxana Enache 'OBSESSIONS' Series. Each photograph is almost entirely composed of white. The setting is completely white, as are the clothes. In fact the only colors come from model Madelina Copka. One would think this would make her stand out in sharp relief, but instead, owing to her outfits, she camouflages into the background.

Roxana Enache was responsible for the art direction, make up and photography while Agnes Toma designed the couture. Still, the setting, rather than the clothing, is the emphasis of this series.

Domestic objects like chairs and abstract shapes such as spheres are found throughout the series, often in strange positions. In one frame, a nightstand is seen hanging upside down. It is surreal touches like this that distinguish OBSESSIONS from most other fashion photoshoots.