From Upcycled Bridal Attire to Disney-Themed Wedding Couture

 - Aug 18, 2014
The Fall wedding season is sure to boast some traditional and unconventional wedding dress designs but the latter is sure to make your big day that much more unique. While most brides are looking for classic elegance when it comes to their wedding ceremony, the daring few are rejecting tradition and instead focusing on ways that they can stand apart from the crowd.

Whether opting for an illuminated, LED design or choosing a wedding dress that is built from recycled materials, one is sure to get guests talking with any of these dynamic and artfully crafted pieces.

A memorable standout from this list of unconventional bridal gowns is artist Rie Hosokai's LEGO wedding dress. The dynamic gown makes a bold statement while doubling as a sculptural art piece that one can wear.