Eco Collection by Nikos Floros Used 20,000 Cans

 - Oct 26, 2007
This fashion may not the be the best looking around, but there is no questioning their green credentials as the clothing is made entirely from used drink cans.

They are part of a 14-piece collection by costume art designer Nikos Floros. His work is part of an exhibition to raise funds for a new opera house and the Maria Callas Academy Of Lyrical Arts in Athens. The dresses were inspired by those worn by singer Maria Callas in the operas La Traviata and Madame Butterfly.

The collection also includes the eye watering prospect of a metal corset, a jacket and an awesome wedding dress.

Whilst working on the collection, Floros sat for more than 10 hours a day cutting cans into strips, weaving them together by hand and attaching them with staples. It took more than five years and 20,000 cans to make with some pieces taking a year on their own!