- Nov 2, 2008
Artists are innately imaginative people, often merging the worlds of fantasy and reality. The designers here have utilized materials not normally used in fashion as fabric to create some extraordinary gowns.

Ironically, the most fabulous designs are two dresses that do not actually exist at all. Water is the material used in the ad campaigns for both Ipanema Sandals, and more recently, for Mattoni Spring Water. Models Gisele Bundchen and Hana Soukupová wear stunning computer-generated dresses of water in these attention-grabbing commercials.

Back to reality: We have also included dresses made from various paper products like newspaper, toilet tissue and currency. Intriguing fashions have also been made of iron, human hair, condoms, cans, and plastic bags.

Ultimately, if you can manage to stay cool enough, an edible chocolate dress could fun...for a while, at least.

22 Dresses From Unusual Materials: