Dresses Made of Tresses

Hair isn'’t just for your head anymore. Check out these hot new dresses and jewelry items made out of, you guessed it, …authentic HUMAN hair.

Human hair dresses made their debut appearance on runways in early 2008, and have received a surprisingly warm welcome. Most of the intricate, braided details are truly breathtaking. Still, it’'s easy to be skeptical about their practicality.

What kind of maintenance do hair-clothes need? Do they need combed, curled, or conditioned? Do they last, or slip and slide apart? There is still much to be debated.

The dresses provide plenty of hair possibilities for those who sport them, though. Brunettes can be “blonde” for the day without hair dye, and blondes can do the same. This incredibly unique fashion trend is sure to catch the attention of everyone around, and if this trend really catches on, healthy hair could become quite the valuable commodity!

The next time you'’re at the beauty salon getting your tresses trimmed, maybe you should be considering selling them to the next ultra-chic designer