From Fornication Safety Fashion to Charitable Needle Dresses

 - Jul 14, 2012
While traditional princess dresses are made using exquisite tulle and delicate chiffon, these bizarre ball gowns opt for more offbeat materials. Artists and designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, challenging not only the silhouettes, but the choice in medium.

Everything from condoms to medical needles have been used to create eccentric dresses that exude couture-worthy attitude. These bizarre ball gowns are not only wearable, but living and sometimes breathing works of art. Since the materials chosen are often very fragile, avant-garde ensembles require an immense amount of craftsmanship and hands-on work. No machine alone could create a gown made of gummy bears or coffee filters.

If you are a fan of outlandish fashion statements like Lady Gaga's meat dress, you will get a kick out of these examples of bizarre ball gowns.