Miya Ando Designs the World's First Bulletproof Kimono

 - Jul 26, 2011
References: globalasianculture & odditycentral
If you've ever wondered what a bulletproof kimono would look like, wonder no longer. Designer Miya Ando has chosen to create and celebrate her Japanese heritage by creating a kimono made entirely of stainless steel. The kimono is held together by tiny squares of stainless steel plates and sterling silver rings. It took nearly 4,000 rings and plates to create the garment, with each piece being carefully handcrafted by the designer herself. I cannot imagine how heavy this steel kimono must be, but I'm positive it would make an excellent piece of armor.

The artist stated that "[her] intention is to transform the steel, and put it back to the public. A metaphor for transforming tragedy." Miya Ando has found a way to celebrate steel and armor that is separate from blood and violence. Her interpretation of steeled armor is a symbol for peace, unity and protection.