- Oct 8, 2013
These avant-garde automobiles are perfectly suited for any auto enthusiast looking to cruise around in something boldly over-the-top and artistically influenced.

While most car shoppers often search for automobiles that are both visually pleasing and suitable to their needs, these avant-garde vehicles are more for those who enjoy outside-the-box designs that serve more visual appeal than function or practicality. From automobiles that feature futuristically high-tech features and compact single-person frames to those that showcase animal-inspired designs and honeycomb concepts, these avant-garde cars will definitely blow drivers away with their visually complex exteriors.

A fantastically creative way to combine art and a source of transportation into one unique product, these avant-garde automobiles are showcasing that driving around town can also be a great way to express your artistic and contemporary style.

From Self-Assembling Automobiles to Lounge Chair Concept Cars: