The MONO EV Evolves Automatically to Meet Street Conditions

 - Mar 12, 2013
References: coroflot & yankodesign
The appeal of a compact car vanishes when you consider that you may occasionally require it for longer journeys on greater stretches of road with higher speed limits. The MONO EV appears to be optimized for nimble metropolitan driving; however, it's been cleverly designed to transform to suit a range of different environments.

Heesang Ahn's concept car is only slightly larger than a motorcycle when it's in its tightly packed configuration. This is ideal for use in heavy traffic and for short commutes; whenever you need to park it, the automobile returns to this form. Should you find yourself on faster freeways and taking sharp turns, the innovative MONO Electric Vehicle actually spreads itself wider so that it's more stable and can corner like it's on rails.