The Poursuivreve is a Fast Design with an Environmentally Friendly Flair

 - Apr 8, 2013
References: yankodesign
The futuristic Poursuivrêve concept car would certainly not hit the roads until several years from now, but if the idea eventually makes it to the manufacturing process, what a popular model it would be. Inspired by the slick design of racecars, Yutong Wu's automobile is actually intended to bring the experience of speed to everyday drivers.

The long, shallow, slim and compact body of the vehicle offers a cockpit-style cabin. It's tight and packed with controls to make you feel like you're really driving. The wheels of the Poursuivrêve car are particularly fascinating, featuring open hubs that revolve efficiently around mechanisms in the lower half. Finally, the eco-friendly concept integrates a lipo battery so that you can joyride responsibly.