From Plantable Food Packages to Eco-Friendly Portable Hotels

 - Jan 2, 2014
In 2013, eco trends spanned more industries than ever before, and showed that a wide range of businesses are capable of integrating eco-friendly innovations.

One of the most apparent spheres that displayed interesting shifts in terms of environmental responsibility was packaging. From edible packaging to angular, minimalist cardboard casing, industries from wine to clothing integrated interesting, cutting-edge packaging designs that were more sustainable than designs of the past. Creating more shelf appeal while attracting consumers who are invested in the environment, this shift will likely continue for years to come.

The hotel and travel industry is another industry that saw much innovation when it came to sustainability. With eco architecture constantly on the rise, the hospitality industry has begun integrating these designs to create a guilt-free experience for guests.

Eco is an industry that's rapidly changing. To help keep up with this unstoppable shift, be sure to check out Trend Hunter's Eco Trend Report.