Jurgen Kuipers' Sawyer Bike Design is a Fly Way to Plough Through Your City

 - Mar 31, 2013
References: 053ontwerp.nl & feeldesain
Jurgen Kuipers is a dutch designer who is world renowned for the emphasis his works that use unorthodox materials to create leisurely transportation, and his latest plywood crafted Sawyer bicycle sees Jurgen embracing the lounge-like vibe of the low rider cycle while still creating some magnificently smooth bicycle artwork.

One of the most most innovative things about Jurgen's new Sawyer design is that it comes comes packaged similarly how a toy model kit would. This means that consumers can actually be involved in the building process of their own bikes.

Using a custom made beech plywood frame, Jurgen Kuipers Sawyer also comes with a 1:1 scale model that provides consumers with the ability to decide whether or not they would like to include the mechanical components of this smooth low rider.