The Okeanos's Underwater Robots Make Ocean Exploration Accessible

The Okeanos Explorer is the United States government's only ship dedicated to ocean exploration and sharing its findings with the public. To do this, the ship uses underwater robots to livestream the deep water going-ons to your iPhone.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is about to set off on a three week journey to the North Atlantic to scan canyons and sea mounts thousands of feet under the ocean. It's believed that 95% of the deep sea is unchartered and unknown, so this expedition aims to gain more knowledge of the area. Unlike most research missions, the Okeanos does not have a hypothesis.

The new custom robots will send back the photographic feed and data. This footage not only helps create National Geographic documentaries, but is also available for anyone to watch. The livefeed works with any internet connection, so you can watch on your computer at home or get your ocean exploration fix on the go with your smart phone.