The Rail Robot and Plan't Clean and Decorate Your View to the Outdoors

 - Apr 16, 2013
References: yankodesign
Although very different, the Rail Robot and Plan't both offer a means to bring tidiness and attractiveness to your windowsill. Designed by Chae Young Sam and Jeong Ming Yeong, the two products take care of an area that's often either cluttered or completely forgotten about.

The first is a cleaner robot that's been designed specifically to function as a vacuum for sliding window tracks. The small cylindrical gadget has an open bottom and flexible bristles that are capable of sweeping along gaps of various widths. A built-in UV lamp sterilizes the surface after the dust has been hoovered up.

The illuminated planter is intended to be placed by the window pane so that it can soak up the rays of the sun. The eco solar device harnesses energy to power an LED light that constantly encourages its herbs' growth.