The eLink by Jorge Biosca Marti is Reduced in Unnecessary Components

 - Jan 25, 2013
References: michelinchallengedesign & tuvie
For quite a few years there was a growing interest in the notion that bigger is better with respect to automobiles. Many people will continue to think that way but the fact of the matter is that compact cars are the conveyances of the future. The eLink by Jorge Biosca Martí will lead by example.

This innovative vehicle won the Michelin Design Challenge 2013 that asked creatives to come up with concrete, buildable and practical solutions to the theme of "Half! Lightweight with Passion." This concept car has been rid of its doors and instead sports a 360-degree roll cage with hubs and spokes on both sides. The overall form of eLink by Jorge Biosca Martí nearly matches its antique-style wheels and accommodates up to six people sitting back-to-back.