Get Your Groove on with the Swing Beginner Car

 - Jun 1, 2010
References: yankodesign
You think traffic jams are bad now? Boy howdy, you're in for a nasty surprise in about 30 years. As the amount of traffic ever increases year to year, designers have begun to look at this problem strategically, hence the reason for the Swing Beginner. Odd name you say? Well, it only gets weirder in the best possible way.

Designed by Yanchao Wang, the Swing Beginner maneuvers on a gyroscope-based system. The driver is in a rotating chair that allows for full maneuverability and lets them turn accurately in a 360-degree manner. Best of all, the car is not much bigger than the user themselves, creating a great space-saver for highways and a solution for traffic congestion.