- Dec 7, 2011
Car companies are pulling out all the stops when it comes to custom concept vehicles. Elaborate ideas and highly complex designs are the main factors involved in futuristic concept creations. Car manufacturers are looking to the future and attempting to create distinctive and dynamic vehicles sure to challenge the imagination.

Sci-fi concept vehicles include egg-shaped autos, spherical sub-cylinders and urban roadsters. Moreover, modern concepts like eco-chariots, aquatic super-cars and college cruisers are additional examples of extremely innovative auto designs.

Innovation is the key with aesthetics, functionality and sustainability in mind. Eco-friendly concepts are combined with sleek structures and durable designs for final products that predict what the future has in store. Though one cannot experience all that the future has to offer, innovations in concept cars allow us to imagine it before it happens.

These Sci-Fi Concept Vehicles are Future Friendly: