The Citroen EGGO is a Curvy Coupe Designed for the Youth of the Future

 - Oct 21, 2011
References: citroen & yankodesign
The Citroen EGGO is a conceptual car designed by Damnjan Mitic that unfortunately looks nothing like an Eggo waffle. What the Citroen EGGO does resemble is an egg thanks to its circular body and three glass doors.

The EGGO is a two-door coupe designed for the youth of the future. The vehicle is powered by four electric motors, one in each wheel, with supplemental power being provided by rooftop solar panels. The Citroen EGGO seats two in its futuristic beige interior. The EGGO has been designed for use in urban areas, but its raised suspension suggests that it might also be able to go off-road every now and then. You can check out conceptual images of Damnjan Mitic's Citroen EGGO here. Here's hoping this car gets made if only so that more people will say, "Leggo my EGGO."