Peugeot's 888 Prototype

 - Sep 2, 2008
References: gizmag
The Peugeot 888 prototype was one of the finalists in the fifth bi-annual Peugeot Design Competition. This competition is indeed one of the major highlights of the Motor Show season because the winning concept actually gets built by Peugeot. 

Other winners included in the competition are the Moonster which was released in 2001, the 4002 in 2004, Moovie in 2005, and the flux which was released last year. 

The competition included 2,500 projects which came from 95 countries. 23 finalists were selected including, the 888 Concept car.

The Peugeot 888 concept car was designed to be the ultimate personal vehicle of the future, as described by designer Oskar Johansen. He thinks his concept may solve our fuel problems as his vehicle is an all electric two-seater, designed to shorten the car’s wheelbase for driving in the city. 

This unique car has an outstanding hydraulic system that tilts.  This ability enables the driver to raise the cockpit for better view, therefore enhancing quality of visibility.  This also lets the driver increase maneuverability in places with narrow spaces, enabling it to take sharp turns and fit into small spaces. This means the driver will not have difficulty finding parking spaces. 

In April 2009, the real 888 vehicle will be shown at the Shanghai Motor Show.