The Terra Motors Etricycle Aims to Cut Pollution in Southeast Asia

 - May 8, 2013
References: terra-motors & tuvie
Those who have ever traveled around Southeast Asia will instantly recognize the value of the Terra Motors eTricycle. Tuk tuks, motorcycles with a sidecar attached to them, are widely used in Southeast Asia. They are a cheap and efficient way to get around big cities, but they are also big time polluters. Terra Motors hopes to fix this by introducing an electric tuk tuk, the eTricycle.

The Terra Motors eTricycle is essentially a modernized tuk tuk. It is steered via the handlebars and can seat what looks like three to four people. Terra Motors says that its trike can go 30 miles after charging for two hours. That may not sound like much, but most tuk tuks are used for short sprints through crowded cities anyways.