2050 Audi RM Concept Gets Power and Speed From Train Tracks

 - Jul 28, 2009
References: coroflot & thedesignblog.org
I guess planning for the future is becoming a hot topic because everybody seems to be doing it (or has been for a while now). Audi doesn’t look to be breaking away from that trend with the new 2050 Audi RM.

The RM has enough room to hold 3 people and is simply for travel from point A to point B (yeah right, with a body like that). The special part about this futuristic car is that it operates on a magnetic levitation systems, which means it derives electrical power and more speed while on train tracks. While on the tracks in MagLev (magnetic levitation) mode, the Audi RM uses an automated driving system for enhanced safety.

Science is a scary and weird place that I choose not to question; however, I wouldn’t mind the hovering car.