The TET City Car Adapts to Serve a Variety of Very Different Purposes

 - Apr 17, 2013
References: & tuvie
Based on its four wheels and its general dimensions, the TET City Car would give most people the impression that it is just an automobile -- a futuristic-looking one indeed, but merely a personal automotive conveyance. What you'll be surprised to learn is that this concept car is intended to exercise the utmost flexibility, capable of functions beyond what you might guess.

The convertible-style cover of Chao Gao's innovative vehicle has been inspired by the collapsing form of the fan and by the appearance of the Sydney Opera House. The position of these components impacts the exposure of the cabin, but also the amount of space inside of it. The TET City Car can come to accommodate small groups to operate as a tour bus or a taxi, and it can enclose a compact living space to serve as a hostel.