Lady Gaga Goes For Geeky Couture on UK Talk Show

 - Apr 22, 2009
References: myfashionlife
Following her American Idol eye-zipper accessory and the extremely transparent ensemble she wore on a recent night out, it has become expected of Lady Gaga to come up with creative avant-garde outfits.

Lady Gaga did not fail to impress on her appearance this past weekend on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in the UK. She wore a mini dress that was inspired by Post-It notes!

Although Lady Gaga and her team usually come up with most of her creative outfits, this one was a couture showpiece by Singapore-British designer Ashley Isham.

And by couture showpiece, I mean it’s designed for an outlandish show not a casual talk show, but this is Lady Gaga and those rules do not hold here.

Designer Ashley Isham was very pleased with the way Lady Gaga wore his dress, "She rocked in that dress! She carried it with an air of cool confidence and looked so comfortable in it that you forget it’s a showpiece! It didn’t look at all out of place – even at a talk show!"