- Jul 10, 2013
Dressing extravagantly doesn't necessarily have to mean spending a fortune, and these chic eco-friendly gowns are some great examples of sustainable ensembles that any fashionista would be happy to wear.

While some people think of eco-friendly clothing as visually unattractive, these chic sustainable gowns are showcasing just how stylish it can be to infuse recyclable methods into your wardrobe. From fashionable designer-like dresses made from average household items to prom dresses creatively made from candy wrappers, these eco-friendly gowns are demonstrating that sustainable clothing is full of possibilities.

Being more environmentally conscious about the materials you wear doesn't have to mean sacrificing your overall style, and if you happen to enjoy creating items from other ordinary products, then these upcycled gowns are just the thing for you.

From Upcycled Household Garments to Paper Paillette Gowns: