Persona by Jeffrey Wang Applies Whole Jeans to Avant-Garde Apparel

 - Jun 6, 2011
Denim is a fantastic fabric that can be used to construct a broad range of apparel, but one may not expect to see it form garments like those found in a project called Persona by Jeffrey Wang.

Not only are copious quantities of the material used to form such heavy yet feminine fashions, but these gowns have actually be manufactured from whole pairs of blue jeans. The goal of this joint undertaking between the designer, BLANQ, the Fubon Art Foundation and Levi's was to recycle old pants and keep true to their original forms.

In using quite substantial components to make a collection of quirky dresses, no additional cutting or sewing was done. Persona by Jeffrey Wang sculpts five frocks from dozens of denims, fixed together simply by the insertion of safety pins.