From DIY Attachable Sleeves to Hippie-Inspired Jean Tutorials

 - Jun 5, 2013
If you love wearing blue jeans and just can't bring yourself to part ways with these classic clothing styles, then these DIY denim projects offers individuals some clever techniques on how to reuse and recycle their denim outfits.

Jeans and jean jackets are classic pieces of clothing that can be worn almost any time of the year, but when they become ripped or completely worn out, tossing them in the trash seems like the only plausible option. These DIY activities however, showcases how you can revamp your ordinary and out-of-date denim clothing into more hip and modern designs. From jean pants decorated with adorable heart-shaped accents to jean shirts that are made to look distressed, these DIY projects are the perfect way to turn your otherwise ordinary denim clothing into brand new pieces.