From Gorgeous Fishtail Fashions to Tribal-Braided Shoots

 - May 24, 2012
Braids are a chic way to get your hair out of your face, class up a look, or add a little whimsy to your ensemble. The varying styles have become more accessible to those of us who are not hair stylists. With at-home guides, inspirational how-to photos and cute, simple ideas, braids have become a staple of many girls' looks for the spring and summer.

From Lauren Conrad to Penelope Cruz, icons everywhere prove that braids have hit it big. With prominent features on runways, collections and models, braids are no longer for children. With classic styling, Pocahontas fashions and messy beachy vibes, braids are no longer a generic look.

Some looks take braids to the extremes (braid headdresses, anyone?), while others perfect the art of simplicity. Perfect for the spring or summer, fishtail braids, side braids and messy beach braids are the best solution for the hot weather.