Lauren Conrad Inspires the Kandee Johnson Hair Chalking Video

Hair Chalking is a new temporary dye-like solution for those looking for new, hot pastel ombre look without the damage or commitment. Cheap, easy and quick, Hair Chalking offers stylistas the at-home ability to rock the latest hair fad without the lengthy ordeal of dye.

Soft chalks and pastels are rubbed directly onto the hair to create a colorful, avant-garde look. While the chalks show up better on lighter hair, certain shades will work amazingly on dark tresses. Inspired largely by Lauren Conrad's earlier highlighter ombre dye job seen on instagram and her personal beauty blog The Beauty Department, this look is sweeping all of the world's fashion capitals as well as the runways.

In this tutorial by Kandee Johnson, the look is explained in a way that is easy to understand and difficult to not be curious about.