- Jan 26, 2015
These Australian fashion features range from independent label lookbooks to Aussie supermodel shoots. In celebration of Australia Day, these fashion examples illustrate the nation's unique and effortlessly cool style sense.

In addition to beachside and bikini-clad photoshoots, Australian fashion is all about color and comfort. Next to its luxury fashion publications like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar Australia, the nation is also known for edgier magazines like Oyster, a purveyor of alternative styles and youth culture fads.

Whether promoting Seapunk, Normcore or Grunge fads or reviving iconic, Old Hollywood styling, these Australian fashion examples are truly one-of-a-kind. Easy, breezy and carefree are words that can be used to describe almost all of these examples and are themes behind the nation's flirty and summer-ready styles.

From Independent Label Lookbooks to Aussie Model Photoshoots: