The 48 Hour Party People Editorial Features Smoke-Filled Imagery

Teresa Oman, Amelia Zadro, Mateja Buila and Sam Michael star alongside musician Panama in the '48 Hour Party People' Oyster Magazine editorial. Captured by photographer Ryan Kenny's lens, the models channel modern day hippies as they pose in a hazy wooded setting.

The eclectic crew enjoys a festival party as they pose in a sea of smoke and sport a wardrobe of eccentric and one-of-a-kind garments. From flower-printed capes and retro vacationer shirts to ethnic face embellishments, the '48 Hour Party People' editorial embraces freedom and youthful styling.

The spirited photoshoot captures models as they pose in an outdoor party setting. This raw and impromptu fashion story loses its cast in a sea of cigarette smoke and tinsel while paying homage to retro portraiture.