From Nostalgic Party Editorials to Club Kid Couture Styles

 - Jul 22, 2014
The 90s is making a triumphant return into the style spotlight and these raver-themed fashion examples celebrate the era's nostalgic revival. Florescent colors, clashing patterns and electric-hued hair styles are just some of the signature trademarks of yesterday's and today's raver culture.

Whether looking to a hip-hop aesthetic for inspiration or embracing the ugly-pretty looks of the 90s, these bold style picks are guaranteed to get you noticed.

Standouts from this list include designer Jylle Navarro's Sink The Pink collaboration collection that celebrates the infamous UK club night. Appealing to daring fashion lovers, the knitwear range is adorned with vivid graphics and highlighter hues.

Another notable examples from this list of raver-themed fashions is the Aurora Dress by CuteCircuit. The LED-lit gown is designed for formal club events and is a perfect essential for a raver-themed wedding.