Cyberdog Fashion

 - Jan 6, 2008
Why not channel your inner Jetson with this line of eccentric apparel?

These days, electronics, cars and even homes are looking so futuristic, it only makes sense to have your apparel compliment your possessions. If you're sick of the silver look, there are alternatives to achieve that ahead-of-the-times look.

Cyberdog skirts's fashions are definitely out of this world. The galactic-meets-raver style tops, pants, skirts, dresses, shorts and even bikinis are all attention grabbing, whether it's as a result of bright colours, skin-exposing holes (see the leggings!) or simply wild silhouettes.

Featured in the gallery is the Moon Skirt, Porthole Dress (see what I mean about the holes?), Full Moon Vest and Cyber Leggings (check out the neon footwear they paired it with!)

Maybe Nicole wasn't too eccentric after all?