- Feb 2, 2010   Updated: Apr 28 2011
It should be no surprise that within these 19 galactic fashions the Lady Gaga dress from the Grammys is featured. Even with designers creating galactic zebra fashions, spacey tribal looks and alien-esque haute body armor, the Lady Gaga dress takes the intergalactic space cake.

Check out the cluster and revel in all the fashionable glory space-age attire has to offer.

Implications - Lady Gaga isn't the only one who has been rocking some space-inspired outfits. David Bowie, back in his Ziggy Stardust days, showed off his own sci-fi look, which has become an iconic image that's inspired many designers today. Even though it may be outrageous to some, there's no denying that these space fashions are surprisingly attractive.

From the Spacey Lady Gaga Dress to Chained Galactic Shoulder Pads: