The 'Jah Ruhles' Collection Consists of Colorful Knitwear for Ravers

The 'Jah Ruhles' collection shows that there is a market for everything, including knitwear for ravers. The collaboration between Virginie Morillo and her mother consists of brightly colored knits embedded with text and 90s-inspired graphics like aliens, smiley faces and ying-yangs. The individual stitches that make up knitwear lends the garments a perfect 8-bit feel.

Virginie designed the raver-inspired garments, which were then hand-knit by her mother. The psychedelic looks are complemented by an equally eccentric lookbook that pair the unique, hand-knitted pieces with colorful hair, chunky boots and odd accessories.

Even though the techniques are nothing new, the collection injects a youthfulness into these knitted garments that seem to be "straight out of a technival 1992," making the traditional craft hip and appealing to younger audiences.