- Jan 25, 2015
These Oyster Magazine photo features celebrate diversity and alternative youth culture. The celebrated Australian publication is the definition of cutting edge and is known to be at the forefront of alternative fashion fads including Seapunk, Ghetto Goth and Normcore.

The fashion magazine is known for a signature visual aesthetic that often highlights candid and understated imagery. Whether capturing makeup-free models or blurring gender lines, these Oyster Magazine photo features are the opposite of expected.

Standouts include rapper Iggy Azalea's understated cover story for the Australian magazine and photographer Ryan Kenny's "48 Hour People" photoshoot that explores occult themes and witch culture. While Iggy appears on Oyster's cover with subtle attire and makeup, Ryan Kenny's image series immerses readers into a world of the unknown.

From Suburban Rebel Photography to Sincere Supermodel Shoots: