The SNC Magazine May 2012 Sekrier Editorial is Whimsical

 - May 15, 2012
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The SNC May 2012 Viktoria Sekrier 'Light and Color' photoshoot exhibits a fresh take on classic bohemian styles. This whimsical approach to fashion is known for being full of color and flare, often with excessive patterns. The pieces selected here by stylist Masha Mombelli echo this manner of dress, only with an updated and overtly seductive allure.

The Light and Color editorial was taken by photographer Kyrre Wangen. Wangen captured Sekrier near bus stops and leaning on a bicycle rack, making use of the fashion industry's preoccupation with metropolitan settings. The billowing blue skirt with floral patterns displayed here added to the bohemian feel, as well as the black braided hairband. With a foam green skirt almost blown away entirely by the wind, viewers will certainly be enticed by these provocative looks.