The Captures for Tengri magazine by Emil Amriev are Breathtaking

 - Oct 28, 2011
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The pictorials for Tengri magazine by Emil Amriev, a photographer from Almaty, Kazakhstan, are bewitching. Judging from Emil’s location, it is most likely that the shoot took place in the mountainous area of Khan Tengri, which is located on the China-Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border.

In this series of pictures, viewers see the model in tribal ensembles and braided hair having a great time outdoors as she is spotted playing on the swing, taking her horse for a walk and having a picnic on the grassy plain.

There is also a lingering air of mysticism in some of the pictures, especially the one depicting the exotic beauty lifting her two braids for a jewelry fitting in the small hut. It looks as though she is participating in some sort of ritual. Then there is another picture where the fur coat-clad model stares at the camera with a fierce look against the backdrop of hanging wall tapestries.